Solas Therapy Rooms, Oban

The SOLAS Health therapy rooms are situated at 26 High Street, Oban (opposite the Health Food Shop). Our therapy rooms officially opened on Tuesday 1st March 2011 and are now being used by many members of our group.

Therapy and Treatment Rooms Oban

At the centre you can sample: Reiki, Massage, Physiotherapy, Herbal Medicine, Bowen Technique, and more.

Therapists currently offering their services at the therapy rooms: 

Anna Bateman
Clare Holohan
Hazel Munro
Jane Scott
Lynne Goodall
Myra MacDonald
Tamsin McVean 

If you would like to book a treatment please get in touch with us individually. Contact Information is on each page by clicking Our Therapists.

Solas Health Therapy and Treatment Rooms, Oban, Argyll