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For me working with nature and with spirit has always come naturally and something I have been aware of since a child. I spent a lot of my time with animals and the natural world, which became my sanctuary and place of peace and contemplation. It still is and through this connection my relationship with nature beings has grown and grown.

I am an experienced healer and work confidentially, with confidence and integrity. I also continue to work on my own personal journey of healing on all levels.

I completed my shamanic training with the wonderful Stephen Mulhearn from Lendrick Lodge, who was trained by Sandra Ingerman (author of 'Soul Retrieval', 'Medicine for the Earth' and 'Awakening to the Spirit World'). ?I too went on and completed Sandra Ingerman's Teacher Training.

I have worked for over 30yrs in adult mental health, working mainly with poeple who have suffered complex trauma. This has helped me develop my understanding of the psyche and how it affects our ongoing development, with compassion and love.

Treatments I Do

I think it is really important to talk about Self-development as it is the route to our true potential. People often talk about changing our 'limiting beliefs' which affects our ability to manifest, but what they are really talking about is conditioning and past patterning. This we acquire after birth, from our parents, teachers, society... and this molds us into whom we are to become. Unfortunately not all of this is helpful to us and as we grow older, can actually be what holds us back from life. These 'limiting beliefs' can influence our ability to truly manifest the things we would like into our lives, and thus create patterning loops that can go on ad infinitum, unless we do something to change them.

As todays world is changing fast, with heightened energies pulsating into our planet, understanding manifestation has become an important topic. If it is true that we are able to ''create our own universe'', then why aren't we doing this more productively for ourselves? My understanding of this is down to our 'limiting beliefs' - our 'past patterning' that is keeping us in a cycle of difficult and destructive behavior that can often seem impossible to change!

But nothing is 'impossible', as I tell my clients - all it needs is time and energy... and of course, understanding. Shamanic work can be an essential tool in navigating our inner realms and helping us grow, with a soul retrieval being an essential component to bringing us back into wholeness again.

I see shamanic work mixed with skillful directing of our inner realms to be the way forward...

A common cause of dis-ease is power loss, where we can feel 'incomplete' or that we've 'lost a part of ourselves'. Power loss can happen when we either give away our power to someone or something else, or have our power taken by someone. Either way we feel depleted and in need of this part bringing back.

A Power Retrieval is where the practitioner journeys into the spirit realms and finds and brings back the lost power, which is often in the form of an animal. Once back we can begin to feel ourselves again and able to carry on with our daily lives.

Another cause of dis-ease is soul loss, which occurs when we have experienced any kind of shock or trauma in our lives. This can be anything from a small shock to a larger trauma and can happen anytime from birth onwards. A part of our soul essence leaves our body and resides in our spiritual aura making us fragmented and not whole.

The shamanic practitioner journeys to the alternative realms and to the times where the soul loss occurred. She gathers the soul parts, brings them back and places them inside the person’s body. Following a soul retrieval, there is an integration period, during which the person is asked to honour and take care of themselves and their soul essence, to ensure the soul part is welcomed home. I believe this is something everyone needs at one time or another in their lives.

This is a shamanic healing method that is used to remove negative or blocked energy from the body and energy fields and are seen as spiritual intrusions. If we do not learn how to express our emotions or energy, we can cause a spiritual intrusion in ourselves by repressing our emotions. Spiritual intrusions are misplaced energy and the shamanic practitioner removes this misplaced energy and places it back into nature. These intrusions can also show themselves as illness and dis-ease.

The shamanic belief is that some spirits, either in human form or otherwise, can become lost and link to a human being to live from their energy. They are beings who can be lost and confused and are happy and willing to go back to the light, and just need help to do so. The spirit will be passed into the light with compassion and understanding. I was trained by Greg "Woody" Gruber (who was trained by Betsy Bergstrom) in compassionate depossession.

As I have written above in self-development, I offer help and healing in a natural and nurturing way to explore your inner realms and to help you to navigate your way through repetitive patterns. To do this we will use nature, ceremony, counselling and shamanic journeying.

Some of what I teach about
I teach about the traditions and ceremony’s concerned with communicating with the spirit world and how these ancient practices can be important for us today.By tuning more deeply into nature and the natural world, finding our power animals and helping spirits, this can enrich our lives with greater depth and understanding.Its good to experience the connection of ‘coming into circle’ and the transformation created by the sound of the drum… Finding out if this beautiful, gentle practice is for you…

Heather Craig, Solas Health Therapist