Anna Bateman, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer

Contact me :-
By phone on 01631 570157 or 07818056043
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Treatments / Courses
1 hour session = £90
½ hour session = £50
Reiki 1 = £120
Reiki 2 = £140
Reiki Master = £500

10 half hour sessions £400
(ballet students only )

After the initial hour assessment , I will be able to discuss with you how many treatments you will require to resolve the problem you have and you can choose which package suits you. If you prefer to pay per treatment the charge of £50 / half hour will apply

About Me
I qualified in 1990 with a physiotherapy honours degree. I worked in the NHS for the next 12 years, working with the elderly, amputees, orthopaedic and neurological conditions, and a variety of general medical conditions. I began working in private practise in 2000, moving away from the hospital and into more general practise. At this time I also became a carer for my husband who sustained a severe brain injury. In the process of supporting him regain his function I have had experience of being on the other side of the medical professionals. This journey with my husband and family has provided me with great insights into how the body heals and the power of love.

What I Do
Over the course of the years I have gained considerable experience and understanding of the human body. I have honed my skills and developed a unique way of working with the body to create results that work for the client. I have discovered that even conditions that have been long standing can be significantly altered for the better. I work on aligning the skeleton, muscles and nervous tissue so the body works in the most efficient and natural way possible for the client. I use physical techniques to work on the soft tissue and skeleton. This releases memories of old patterns in the body and allows new patterns to be created. If the right technique is used at the right time, change happens instantly and results are amazing! Usually, results are achieved quickly within 3 or 4 sessions and are sustained for a long time, without the need for further follow up. I use Reiki to compliment the physical alignment techniques. Reiki is about channelling universal energy through the body to where it is needed. Reiki is a self healing tool and allows the client to move forward with their own healing and not to rely on the practitioner for prolonged and continual treatments.

Conditions That Respond To My Treatments
General aches and Pains, people often consider part of growing older
Sports injuries - Muscle tears - Sprains - Fractures (once healed)
Hip, knee & shoulder replacements (pre and post surgery)
Road traffic accidents
Upper, middle & lower back problems - Sciatica - Pelvic problems
Improvement and maintenance of sports performance
Neurological conditions - Brain injury - Stroke - Multiple sclerosis
Depression & anxiety - Grief related stress - Stress
Treatment for side effects from other treatment e.g Cancer.

Anna Bateman

-Client Testimonials and Pictures (pre and post treatments) Post treatment (2010) Shoulders and hips are straight.

-Before Treatment (2009) Look at the angle of the shoulders and the right hip.

Anna Bateman, Solas Health Therapist