Andrew Manson

Andrew Manson - Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Lochgilphead

Massage Therapy.
This covers several approaches to massage which are sometimes combined together during a session. These include:- 

General relaxation massage which aims to improve circulation, stretch muscles and stimulate skin and nerves. This promotes a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Therapeutic Massage.
This aims to resolve muscle and joint pain. Areas relating to a specific problem such as neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain are treated.

Myofascial Release (muscle fascia).
Fascia is a continuous three-dimensional sheet of connective tissue linking every part of the body. In good condition it is soft and pliable but it can become tight and restricted causing stiffness and pain. This is also where the body can hold emotional tension. By gently stretching the fascia the physical and emotional tension can be relieved. With this treatment it is possible to work through light clothing.

Reflexology. This is normally carried out in a reclining chair, working on the feet. It is possible to work on the hands if you are sensitive about your feet. By stimulating reflex points, areas of disease and congestion in corresponding areas of the body can be relieved. This is normally a very relaxing treatment.

I initially qualified in Reflexology in 2004 and went on to study various forms of massage. I am continuing to develop my interest in Massage Therapy and Myofascial Release. I am available in Lochgilphead at the MS Centre. Home visits are also possible. I also work at treatment centres in Dunoon and Edinburgh. For further information and appointments please contact me.

Tel. 07789 604 468

Andrew Manson - Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Lochgilphead