What is Complementary Therapy and what can it do for me?

Complementary therapies are increasingly recognised as effective paths to feeling balanced, joyful and healthy. The whole-body approach means that your therapist is likely to look beyond your symptoms and view your health as a complete system. SOLAS Health represents an amazing range of skills and approaches for you to choose from.

How to choose? 

If you are drawn to touch-based therapies, then there is a wide choice. Reiki, Bowen, Kairos Therapy and Cranio-sacral, for example, are more still and gentle, whereas Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Physiotherapy are often physically deeper.


You might prefer to explore well-being through movement, such as in Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates. Alternatively, there are therapies that use light and colour. Kinesiology uses your muscles to ask questions about what your body needs. Verbal therapies include Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

It is important that you feel informed, so do get in touch with our therapists directly for a full explanation of their approach, prices etc.



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